Mid Florida Root Canals

Root Canal Specialists

Welcome to the offices of Dr. Brad Lipkin, Dr. Aaron Isler, Dr. William Aippersbach, Dr. Gretchen Jungermann, Dr. David Burch, Dr. M. Cameron Kharazi, Dr. Hamza Mir and Dr. Mark Goldberg. Our practice is limited to non-surgical root canal therapy, surgical root canal treatment (apicoectomy), and retreatment. More than 12 million teeth receive endodontic treatment each year and our practice has performed over 250,000 endodontic procedures.

The Latest Technology At 9 Locations

Mid-Florida Endodontics is committed to providing its patients with exceptional treatment and a positive, comfortable experience and outcome. Most of our procedures can be completed in a single, 30 to 60-minute visit. Our caring, highly-trained doctors are accomplished in treating patients of all ages and achieving great success with even the most complex endodontic cases. Each of our conveniently-located offices utilize state-of-the-art technology, including surgical operating microscopes, digital radiography and a computer-assisted local anesthetic delivery system called The Wand.

We Take Your Dental Insurance

& Offer Interest-Free Financing

Mid-Florida Endodontics accepts many dental insurance plans, participates with patient financing programs, and strives to accommodate same-day emergencies.