Referring Dentists


There are several ways that we enhance the patient’s experience under our care. We have found that communication is key to accurately fulfilling you and your patient’s expectations of us. Please feel free to contact us by phone or contact us if you have any special requests or information that you need to relate about your patient’s care. Accurately filling out the referral forms we have supplied to your office and sending them by mail or along with the patient will help us to fulfill your expectations. It is especially helpful if you can fill out the area relating to the final disposition of the case. Whether you want us to simply temporize the case for your restoration, place a final intra-coronal restoration or place a post and core when appropriate, we are happy to fulfill your instructions.

Please note that we are not equipped to place cast custom-type posts and cores. If your patient requires one, you will need to perform that procedure for them.

Referral Form

Please click here to download the referral form.

Mid-Florida Root Canals Dentist Referral